Death End Re;Quest 2 (SWI)

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In collaboration with the scenario writer of the Corpse party series, Makoto kedouin, and the character designer of the original death end Re; quest, kei nanameda, death end Re; quest 2 is a sequel that asks the question: what happens when reality is consumed by darkness? The Nintendo Switch version includes all free and paid DLC. The glitch costumes will be the same as the PS4 release. Now, fans of the death end Re; quest series can play the sequel on the go!

Day n' Night - Explore the scenic town of le choara during the day through the lens of a visual novel and Speak with the townspeople to find the whereabouts of mai's Lost sister.

Don't Call it a knockback - the knockback system allows mai and her squad to smack shadow matter against walls, other enemies, and even to other party members for vicious combos.

Beware of the berserker - during dungeon exploration and battle, a faceless, black Figure will appear out of nowhere.

Overkill brings huge rewards - the Overkill system is an added feature where characters can stack damage beyond the health of an enemy for bonus experience!

Reversible cover - the physical game will feature a special image on the reverse side of the cover

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