Deck of Many Quests Gothic Horrors

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This standalone expansion is an adventure-building tool for game masters of all systems. Use its Mad Libs-style quest prompts and a bit of imagination to build amazing quests on the fly for your gaming table! This expansion adds onto the existing 200 card base deck and is packed full of chills and thrills. Encounter vampires, werewolves, ghosts, zombies, and more! So draw some cards and get ready to venture into the macabre and perilous night!

Bring Your Fears To LifeUse our Mad Libs-style quest prompts to...

  • Create horrifying campaigns
  • Generate hair-raising side quests
  • Write bone-chilling backstories
  • Overcome writer's block

Easy as 1-2-3

  1. Draw a quest card and read its prompt
  2. Draw the required number of item and creature cards
  3. Mix them together with a bit of imagination

Each card has a star-rating. One-star cards indicate easy quests, mundane items, and creatures that won't try to murder you in your sleep. The difficulty ratings increase up to five stars where quests may form the backbone of an entire campaign, items have world-changing effects, and creatures will absolutely try to murder you—asleep or not.

As always, our mission at Lunch Break Heroes is to help you tell a better story at your gaming table. We want to help gaming groups everywhere experience the thrills and chills of a great gothic horror story, and we're sure that The Deck of Many Quests - Gothic Horrors will do just that!

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