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Deranged is a semi-cooperative adventure game in the vein of dark fantasy. The Heroes end up in a small town driven by evil forces, and in order to survive several horrible nights and leave the town at the break of dawn they will have to fight unimaginable monsters, each other, and... their own inner demons.

Players take on the roles of travelers through this cursed town. During the day, they work together to battle back the evil forces, but at night, as their sanity slowly drips away, they become cursed and deranged! As Deranged, players revert to their animal instincts. Will the players make it through the night? Will you help your fellow travelers to return to a state of sanity? You and your fellow travelers will decide the fate of this sleepy hamlet... and who will survive.

3-6 players
Ages 14+
60-90 minute play time

4 Double-sided pieces of the Game Board (quarters of the town)
6 Hero Sheets
12 Hero Figures
6 Bases
6 Health and Sanity Trackers
42 Action Cards
49 Item and Reward Cards
6 Role Cards
18 Night Cards
42 Curse Cards
2 Time Trackers
18 Scenario Sheets
136 various Tokens
2 Board Modifiers
6 Monster Sheets
7 Scenario Reference Cards
Game Rules

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