Deus Ex Invisible War (XB)

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  • The city of Chicago has been completely disintegrated. Agent Alex D. of the Tarsus Academy has been assigned to find out who did it, and why. Two different organizations will vie for your services - but they both have shady pasts and ulterior mortives. Try to figure out what's really going on, before another city is destroyed.
  • Peerless 1st-person gameplay that combines shooter action, stealth, puzzle-solving and role-playing elements
  • Use your biomods to customize and Upgrade you characters - see through walls, leap 40 feet into thte air, regenerate damage and more
  • Multiple solutions to every problem, and different consequences for solution -- it's a different game every time
  • Complete decisive power over your character -- you create their look and guide them through a world of danger and treachery. Sneak, hack, bribe or kill your way to a solution

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