Dokapon Journey (NDS)

Sale price$199.99


THE ONE-OF-A-KIND PARTY RPG EXPERIENCE GOES PORTABLE! Compete with soon-to-be-ex-friends as you quest to save the kingdom, win the throne, earn tons of gold and loot, and embarrass your fellow adventurers in the process! Dokapon Journey is the ultimate party RPG, and very easy to play with friends using the local wireless multiplayer functionality.

  • The party game genre gets retooled in this exuberant mix of role playing and board games
  • Encounter zany characters, collect rare items, and explore a fascinating kingdom on your quest to vanquish monsters, gather treasure, and level up
  • Turn the heat up on your rivalries and take on up to three others in the race for the crown
  • Tons of battles, magic spells, mini-games, and multiple play modes add up to endless replayability
  • Players covertly choose their actions in an intuitive battle interface that guarantees every fight will surprise

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