Dr Chaos (NES)

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Michael Chaos hadn't seen his brother, Dr. Ginn Chaos, in months. Since Dr. Chaos had been working on a physics project regarding warp zones, Michael feared the worst. Upon a visit to his brother's house, Michael discovered his greatest fears were true. Reading his brother's diary told him that he was the key to rescuing Dr. Chaos.

In Dr. Chaos, you assume the role of Michael in search of his brother. You begin your quest with only a knife, but you can collect several types of more powerful weapons along the way. You'll need them against such warp zone baddies as vampire bats, smorks, and big ladies (just to name a few).

Three different types of screens await you. The Hallway Screen enables you to enter the room of your choice. In the Room Screen, you can search for weapons and entrances to the warp zones. The Warp Screens present you with your toughest challenges.

Michael's ultimate goal is to collect the machines necessary to control the warp zones. Of course, he might also like to rescue Dr. Chaos.

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