Dragon Ball Super: Magnificent Collection - Broly

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Behold the Magnificent Collection!

Each Set includes a powerful deck. Each deck is comprised of reprints, but with a new Event Pack-esque look! Previously released cards remain valuable, so new players can join in the on the fun right away.

The awakened sides of the Broly : Br leader card features new art! It also features the same incredible silver foiling and special finish seen on tournament pack cards!

Each product includes the same set of 18 non-foil new promo cards (2 copies each for a total of 36 cards). 5 additional promo cards will be randomly included in foil, for a total of 41 new promo cards for the set.

92 cards in total
• Powerful Deck (Gogeta : Br) × 1 (51 cards)
• New Promo cards set × 2 (18 types × 2=36 cards)
• New promo cards set (foil ver.) × 1 (5 cards from 18 types)

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