Dragon Warrior I & II (GBC)

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Back in 1989, Dragon Warrior was one of the first titles tointroduce the concept of role-playing games to the world of video gameconsoles, which was then almost exclusively populated by arcade spinoffsand action games. Now, more than 10 years after its initial release,Dragon Warrior and its first sequel have been spiffed up withenhanced graphics and are now united together on one cartridge for theGame Boy Color.

In the first installment, you play as the descendant of the legendary Loto,a valiant Dragon Warrior. Your quest is to save the land of Alefgard fromthe evil clutches of DracoLord. Along the way, you must battle dragons,retrieve stolen sacred objects, and of course, save imperiled royalty.Dragon Warrior II will have you playing three different characters,all descendants of the original hero of the previous game, in a worldthat's grown larger. You'll need to use strategy and teamwork between yourcharacters to defeat foes who often outnumber your party.

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