Dungeon Fighter 2nd Ed

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You will have to throw dice with all of your focus and dexterity to hit the target board and defeat those fiends! Your goal is to reach the last room and defeat the Final Boss!

Dungeon Fighter is a cooperative dexterity game for 1-6 players where you throw dice at a target in whimsical ways to defeat monsters in a deadly dungeon! This new edition is a reboot that takes the hilarious dice-throwing action of the original Dungeon Fighter and brings it to a whole new level!

1-6 players
Ages 8+
45 minute play time

1 Target board
12 Customized dice
8 Life markers
1 Monster Life Tracker
23 Tokens
123 Cards
8 Hero Sheets
1 Chest Tile
30 Gold Coins
1 Rulebook

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