East India Companies

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In the 19th Century, four shipping companies controlled the Seas.

East India Companies puts you in charge of growing one of these four empires.

Will you purchase fast ships with small tonnage, or slower ships that can carry more cargo? Will you expand your port or set up trading outposts? Perhaps invest your money in shipping stocks? Just remember, the key is purchasing valuable goods at a reduced rate that can be sold for a profit!

An intriguing strategy game where players attempt to maximize profit while navigating fluctuating supply and demand. Beautiful map-board and quality components. Award-winning game design – Featuring an economy with “changing tides” in every round.

2-4 players
Ages 14+
90-120 minute play time

2 Markets
1 Loading Track
4 Port tiles
8 Dock Extensions tiles
40 Ship tiles
8 Presidency Share tiles
28 Company Share tiles
12 Agents
8 Trading Posts
14 discs
4 Amount of Sales tiles
114 Goods cubes
120 coins
40 Indies and Europe cards
8 Indies and Europe dice
6 Agent cards
9 Destination cards
2 Closed Trading Post tiles
1 End of Period tile
2 player aids

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