Epic Encounters Palace of the Drow Queen

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Wreaking devastation wherever they tread, the Drow are driven by a seething hatred for the surface world and will stop at nothing to fulfill their queen's desires.

Inside this 5e-compatible warband box is everything a Game Master needs to exact the fury of the Drow on their players.

Can you outlast the Drow’s deadly attacks? Use this set as a standalone encounter or drop it into any fantasy roleplaying campaign. Got a deathwish? Check out the compatible Lair of the Drider boss box to cap off your quest with a high-stakes finale.

Key Features:
A dangerous adventure ready to go right out the box.
Perfect for players of all skill levels
5e compatible
18 detailed miniatures to please roleplayers, painters, and collectors
Play as a fast-paced, one-shot battle or include in an existing campaign
If you dare, combine this set with the compatible boss box, Lair of the Drider
Helpful tips and tricks for Game Masters of all levels

Ages 14+
2-4 players
120-180 minute play time

18 Finely-detailed miniatures
1 Double-sided illustrated battle map
1 Adventure book
All the tokens you need to play

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