Federation Deluxe Edition

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Become the most prestigious delegation of the Federation!

Federation is an interactive Eurogame with an innovative double-sided worker placement mechanic. Every time you place a worker, you must decide if that worker will vote in favor of legislation that helps your cause or provides funding for local improvement projects. Every action is critical. At the end of the year, the votes are counted, and whichever legislation becomes law offers points for the players who have the highest level of influence in that area. Players must keep an eye on each opponent to see the places where they are strong or weak. Making sure that the areas you specialize in will score at the end of the game is critical to your success. Plan your strategy and execute it with the proper timing, and that spot in the Federation will be secured!

Eagle-Gryphon Games is bringing this game to North America in an English Deluxe Edition. The Deluxe Edition includes all of the bonus content found on the original Federation Kickstarter.

• 1 Double-Sided Central Board
• 300+ Punchboard Tiles and Tokens
• 100+ Wooden Pawns and Tokens
• 76 Plastic Resource Gems
• 28 Silk-screened Medals of Honor
• 16 Deluxe Ambassador Tokens
• 4 Dual-Layer Player Boards

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