Final Fantasy III (SNES)

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The first Final Fantasy game was released for the original NES in 1990, and Final Fantasy III stormed onto the Super NES scene in 1994. One of the most engrossing RPGs of its era, Final Fantasy III stands up well to the test of time and still intrigues RPG fans to this day.

Known for its intriguing storylines, the Final Fantasy series has always been filled with imaginative plots and twisting storylines. In Final Fantasy III, magical beings called The Espers return from centuries past to destroy the rational and mechanized new world. An amazing adventure unfolds from there, filled with challenging battles and perplexing puzzles.


  • Epic storylines combined with an intuitive control system will appeal to all fans of the genre.
  • Countless weapons, magic spells, and special skills allow for a variety of strategies and attacks.
  • Various side quests and hidden endings increase the replay value of the games.
  • The unique "Esper" magic system allows characters to cast over ninety different magic spells.
  • A variety of optional "mini quests" add to the game's replay value.

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