First Empires

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What if the entire history of the world had unfolded differently? What if the great empires of our history had never come into being? What if other early civilizations had risen to greatness instead? First Empires is a game of light conquests and civilization where players take leadership of ancient Empires. With lucky dice rolls, bold movements on the map and careful planning on their civilization board, they compete to achieve victory After all, empires are won and lost on a roll of the dice!

2-5 players
Ages 14+
30-60 minute play time

1 Game Board
25 Wooden Cubes in 5 colors
30 City Tokens in 5 colors
1 Turn Track Marker
5 Special Dice
1 Rulebook
5 Civilization Boards
45 Cards in 5 colors
50 Wooden Meeples in 5 colors
1 Turn Track Board
5 Storage Boxes

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