Front Mission 4 (PS2)

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The giant robotic wanzers return in Front Mission 4. The game takes place 6 years after the previous one, in 2096, and the world is divided into 3 superpowers: a united Europe (E.C.), a pan-American union (U.C.S.), and an Asian alliance (O.C.U.). The battlefields of this future are dominated by wanzers, battle robots equipped with action points enabling them to move, fire and counter attack. Direct the wanzers through realistic battle elements and highly detailed graphics on air strikes, air drops, repair jobs, and more. An all-new link system allows players to set up amazing combinations of commands to perform spectacular maneuvers. The stage is set with a rich cinematic opening sequence that tells the stories of Elsa, a talented E.C. recruit, and Darril, a U.C.S. soldier happy to be in the rear guard.

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