Gaming Paper Adventure Maps: Mega Dungeon 2 - Lost Catacombs

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The Mega Dungeon 2 set is the second in a series of three map sets. It is also used in a series of downloadable adventures written by industry greats such as Ed Greenwood, Monte Cook, and Steven Schend.

Gaming Paper Adventures Maps can be used to build thousands of unique dungeons in practically any shape or configuration. The Mega Dungeon 2 - Lost Catacombs set features:
-50 unique highly detailed dungeon geomorphs created by fantasy cartographer extraordinaire Christopher West and can be arranged in virtually any pattern you like!
-Two sided design with one side showing unfurnished dungeon rooms that you can fill with details for your home-brewed adventures, while the other side shows the same rooms furnished as imagined and rendered by Christopher West himself!
-Permission to photocopy the tiles for personal use, so you can re-use the designs over and over again and customize them however you'd like. There are literally thousands of possible layouts that can be used with published adventures or your own!
-The ability to use all the sheets to form a massive single mega-dungeon - 5 sheets tall by 10 sheets wide - 32 square feet of playing surface!

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