Gotcha (NES)

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Paintball anyone? In Gotcha!, plug in your Zapper and shoot away in a classic game of capture the flag. You'll move screen to screen as you fire at any opponents that hinder your progress in several environments such as the forest, the Bronx, and a winter wonderland. Be careful, though. Your opponents will be trying to hit you too! Once you make it from your base to the opponent's, your game is only half over. Take their flag and face more opposition on the way back to your base. And keep in mind that they're after your flag as well. If they should manage to capture your flag and make it back to their base, you lose. You'll face the same fate if you get shot on three occasions or run out of time. Once you've perfected your Zapper skills with this game, there's no telling how many times you'll exclaim, "Gotcha!"

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