Heroes of Barcadia Party Pack Expansion

Sale price$25.00


Two more adventurers have joined the party from the outskirts of Barcadia. Meet Tipple the Half Pint and Maltilda the Stout-Hearted. Who will you add to your party?

Build out your dungeon even more, fight extra monsters, collect more Power-Ups to advance your character's abilities, and use Loot Cards to stop your opponents from reaching the Grand Drink Guardian first with the Heroes of Barcadia Party Pack Kickstarter Edition. Make your base game even better with this party pack. 

2 Plastic Health Bar Character Cups
18 Plastic Room Tiles
34 Plastic Loot Cards
10 Plastic Power-Up Cards
2 Plastic Reference Cards
2 20-sided colored dice
2 Plastic Signature Move Cards
1 Box 

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