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The standalone integrated successor to Nova Lux. The universe has all but collapsed as the natural law of entropy and the interference of biological life have decimated the stars. In the face of imminent annihilation, a federation of orphaned alien species refused to give up hope. They managed to build an enclosed biosphere colony around one of the last remaining stars repurposing the ingredients for life and hydrogen from the star itself before all was lost. As the rest of the universe decayed around them, they looked into the dark abyss and saw a canvas.

In Impendium, you will pick up immediately after the events of Nova Lux, playing as one of the many ambitious factions amongst the newly founded federation. You and every other species on the colony have no common thread aside from your salvation which has resulted in dissent, fear, hunger for power, and subversion. As the federation seeks to commission projects to build new stars, you will help with their mission but only to progress your position in the new galactic order. You will recruit factions to join your cause and work with other players to build new stars while positioning for control of the colonies and the resources that they generate.

However, as you build new galaxies, you will also unwittingly summon harbingers of the void, mysterious entities seeking to undo the order you are attempting to sow in what would otherwise be perfect, beautiful chaos.

1-6 players
Ages 14+
15 minute play time per player

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