Infinity: Nomads Starter Pack

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Great for anyone who wishes to start playing Infinity with a Nomads force with the Nomads Starter Pack from Corvus Belli. It provides base infantry along with special characters armed with very unique, powerful and devastating weapons to provide an all round force. In this set you will get three Alguaciles with Combi Rifles, one Mobile Brigada with a MULTI Rifle & light flame thrower, Grenzer with MULTI Sniper Rifle and one Spektr with Combi Rifle. A small but professional army that’s well equipped and ready to do what ever it takes to guarantee their independence and liberty. A great start to any Nomads army.

This pack contains six highly detailed metal miniatures and bases for the Nomads Faction for games of Infinity.

Please note: miniatures supplied come unpainted and some assembly may be required.

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