Infinity's Edge RPG

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It's Time to Log In and Save the World! Welcome to Infinity's Edge, where you take on the role of a gamer who's playing a fully immersive virtual reality, massively-multiplayer online role-playing game! Inspired by the LitRPG genre of fiction, Infinity's Edge allows you to play a fantasy hero like never before, one who can discuss levels, gear drops, crafting recipes, and the relative merits of different skills and classes with other players, or even with the NPCs in the game! Death is no longer a barrier, because you'll just respawn, although having to go get your gear from your corpse is a bit of a headache. A much bigger problem might be a rival guild camping a location you need to finish a quest, or the fact that there may be something keeping you from logging out and trapping you in the game!

Infinity's Edge contains all the rules that you need to play a LitRPG-inspired role-playing campaign with your friends, complete with rules for different types of characters, races, classes, equipment, magic, and tons of other goodies. It also includes an example campaign world for you to use if you like, as well as all the tools you need to create your own. Everything is presented in modular fashion so that you can use the systems you like and leave off the ones you don't. It's your game, so make sure it works the way you want it to! Infinity's Edge uses a percentile based die mechanic with pre-established thresholds that encourage player success. As a character increases their Attributes and Skills through play, their threshold for success increases! They begin as Novices and can gain class abilities as they progress and establish their playstyle through Skills, gear, and other customization options!

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