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Bye bye sport games! And welcome to Chef Party, our cooking themed hilarious tv show! No matter if you like French, Italian, or Mexican cuisine, cook your way up to the top! In INSTANT Chef Party, you will have to compete with up to 4 players in a series of mini-games themed around food and cook. Be ready to enjoy serving, cooking, harvesting, doing dish-washing and many more activities in coop or versus your friends & family! And guess what..? No cooking skills are required... except, maybe, for toasting marshmallows!

INSTANT Chef Party's Features :

Salty or Sweety? Choose between our 2 mouth-watering boards to start your gaming session !

Select your avatar among 6 budding cooks : Ma, Luc, Giovanni, Sidney, Pedro & Sarah ! And dont let the chefs hat impress you!

Roll the - spicy, hopeless, salty, - dices and move forward ornot! Our whimsical dices might provoke some unwanted reactions!

Challenge up to 4 buddies in user-friendly and funny various mini-games thanks to the motion-gaming technology!

"Chance" cards, coop or one versus all mode ... everything is here to spice up your game!

Be the fastest, be the most skilful ... but to be the Star of our Show, youll have to finish first to our run, in INSTANT Chef Party! Supports the following languages: English French Italian German Spanish

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