Jeopardy Sports Edition (SNES)

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Game Cartridge Only

Listen up sports fans! Here's your chance to prove that armchair athletes have the most fun. If you're a sports trivia buff or you just love the challenge of a good contest then this edition of Jeopardy! is just for you. Delve into past and current trivia in Baseball Basketball Football and Hockey or explore categories like Bowl Games Boxing Coaches College Standouts Equipment Golf Greats Horse Racing Olympic Events Pitchers Players Rookies and Rules. The Sports Edition of Jeopardy! is a whole new ball game! With over 3500 questions in sports-related categories Jeopardy! Sports Edition will challenge your brain cells and leave you cheering. This new edition of Jeopardy! contains a variety of sports contestants photography of Jeopardy's set and Alex Trebek's digitized voice. It's a truly authentic Jeopardy! experience. Take the Jeopardy! challenge today.

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