Joe Montana II Sports Talk Football (GEN)

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' Montana breaks free. He's got daylight! He fires it over the middle...annnd...TOUCHDOWN!' Joe's back --- now with simultaneous nonstop play by play announcing.' Man in motion!' ' San Francisco 23 New York 6!' Control the action on the field and listen to the running commentary from the broadcast booth. 'He sweeps left...and he's leveled at the 42!' It's a whole new game of sound and sight. The field zooms to a dazzling 6x close up when the players cross the scrimmage line. You see every slamming interception flying tackle and smash through the defensive wall! Up close and personal! Team up with another guy -- you're the quarterback he's the wide receiver. Call your strategy with over 50 plays in rain/snow on grass/artificial field. Wide view shows all your receivers at once. 'He's back to pass... a beauty... FIRST DOWN!'

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