Kingsburg 2nd Edition

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The definitive edition of the classic Kingsburg, includes all the existing expansions plus one unpublished scenario.

The realm of Kingsburg is under attack! Monstrous invaders are gathering at the borders, aiming to invade and plunder the realm! Your king has chosen you to take charge of a province on the border. You will manage your province and help defend the realm. To accomplish this, you must influence the King's Advisors and the Royal Family to obtain gold, wood, stones, and soldiers to expand and defend your lands. But you are not the only governor seeking the aid of the advisers! Other players also seek to collect the best resources for their own territories.

King Tritus is waiting for you, Will you be the most influent and powerful governor of the realm?

2-5 players
Ages 10+
1.5-2 hour play time

1 Game Board
6 Bonus Dice
15 Player Dice
16 Advisor Tiles
24 Governor Cards
29 Destiny Cards
4 Optional Scenarios
25 Enemy Cards
5 Reference Cards
60 Goods
30 Soldier Tokens
15 Wooden Disks
120 Building Tokens
5 Province Sheets (double-sided)
1 King's Envoy Marker
20 “+2” Tokens
1 Year Marker
1 season marker
1 Rulebook

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