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In the game Leaf, players embody the wind by guiding leaves to the forest floor and connecting them to the ones that have already fallen. Each leaf you touch will grant you actions to create a thriving forest. Attract woodland animals, grow mushrooms, lead helpful squirrels up the great tree, and gain additional leaf cards and sun tokens by strategically placing leaves. The player who contributes most to the health of the forest wins!

1-4 players
Ages 10+
30-45 minute play time

4 Wooden Squirrel Meeples
58 Acorn Tokens
25 Sun Tokens
60 Mushroom Tokens
32 Punchboard Leaf Tiles
48 Animal Cards
36 Leaf Cards
4 Player Aids
1 Animal Board
1 Leaf Board
1 Tree Board
1 Season Marker
1 Start Player Token

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