Maple Valley

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The day the last snowflake of winter has melted away, all of the critters emerge from their cozy homes to celebrate... and that day is today! Maple Valley's annual Spring Festival is a gathering of friends welcoming the warm months ahead, and you don't have a lot of time to prepare!

Maple Valley is a game of traveling trails, finding friends, and celebrating new beginnings for 1-5 critters set in the world of Creature Comforts.

1 Game board
7 Cardboard Sun tiles
13 Cardboard Grove tokens
6 Cardboard Curiosity sites
20 Cardboard Map tokens
5 Outpost oversized cards
6 Festivity oversized cards
72 Favour cards
12 Dawdle crads
38 Patch cards
180 Cardboard resource tokens
5 Starter cards
5 Wooden and screened Critter pawns
1 Cardboard wooden Worm start player token
36 Friend cards
5 Player mats
50 Wooden player cubes

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