Mega Man and Bass (GBA)

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Robot vs. Humankind?

Join Mega Man and Bass's fight for humankind as you face off with the newest menace in town--Robot King! King’s captured all of the data plans for Dr. Wily’s creations. Ultra Top Secret and very dangerous when placed in the wrong hands, they’ll equip King with all the knowledge he needs to build his own indestructible army of robots. His main obsession is to crush and dominate humankind. Mega Man and Bass set out separately to stop him, but only one may succeed …

Game Features:

  • Play as either Mega Man or Bass
  • Unique Battle Moves & Weapons: Double-Jumps &Charge-Up Buster
  • Find Hidden Bolts and CDs for Extra Items to Assist in Battles
  • Defeat Robot Masters to Open More Paths

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