Midnight RPG Crown of Shadow

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Available 5/24/2024

In a land plagued by darkness, you are one of the rare few who have taken a stand against the forces of the evil god Izrador. So when the free dwarves ask for aid in completing a mission vital to the battered armies of good, you pledge your blade to their cause. Little did you realize this would only be the first step in an adventure to thwart Izrador’s seemingly inevitable victory. 

  • EPIC CAMPAIGN ADVENTURE: Begin at 2nd level and advance to 8th in a land under the dark reign of Izrador. Join forces with the free dwarves to combat evil in an expansive adventure.
  • EXTENSIVE GAMEPLAY: Offers 12 to 16 sessions of immersive gameplay, providing months of entertainment. Perfect for players seeking a deep, engaging RPG campaign experience.
  • VERSATILE INTEGRATION: Seamlessly combines with A Single Spark or the Well of Rebellion adventure for a comprehensive path from starting characters to seasoned veterans.
  • DIVERSE SETTINGS: Explore the varied landscapes of the Midnight setting, from besieged dwarven holds and orc-occupied human lands to the secluded redoubts of the elves.
  • ADVANCED CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT: Craft your hero’s journey through intense challenges and strategic gameplay, preparing them for the ultimate confrontation against the forces of Izrador.


  • 112-page hardcover book

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