MLB 99

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UNPRECEDENTED GRAPHICS: Over 200 new pitching motions and stances of MLB pitchers and batters. Over 300 animations including home plate collisions, barehanded pick ups, jump & twirl throws, over the fence and diving catches and more!
REVOLUTIONARY SPRING TRAINING MODE: Create and play players to see if you have what it takes to get the SHOW. Players performance determines if you make the roster of your favorite team and stay for the whole year.
LEGENDARY VIN SCULLY PLAY BY PLAY: Major League Baseball Hall of Fame Broadcaster describes all of the action.
ADVANCED MLB GAMEPLAY: Total Control Fielding lets you select how you want to field and throw. Total Control Batting allows you to guess pitch type and location for unparalleled bat control. Clubhouse intelligence has players learning your tendencies. Mark McGwire hits tape measure home runs, Nomar Garciaparra makes diving backhand stabs, Raul Mondesi has a cannon for an arm, Derek Jeter makes twirl throws, Roger Clemens throws intimidating heat and Jim Edmonds makes over the fence catches.
MLB AUTHENTICITY: All the Teams, Stadiums and MLBPA Players including the Arizona Diamondbacks and Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Stadium specific ambiances like the waterfalls in Kansas City and fireworks in Seattle. Participate in The Draft. Full team, player and league leader stat tracking. Real awards like the Cy Young, MVP and more!

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