Motocross Mania 3 (PS2)

Sale price$6.99


Mania has spread across the land as people have turned traditional motocross racing into an intense blood sport. Furious combat mixes with fast-paced racing through over 20 deadly courses that range from populated city streets to harsh open environments. Mania is here and ready to fight, the winner is the one to make it across the finish line still in one piece! The motocross racing essence of the Mania franchise is heavily present, demonstrating arcade-style bike handling, huge jumps, amazing undulating courses, and dynamic stunts/poses; but now with an extensive combat mode allowing the player to take out other riders on the ground and in the air with spectacular results. Riding was never this much fun. Game features 10 characters, 20+ unique circuits, multiplayer mode, deathmatch mode, and much more!

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