My Little Pony RPG Story of the Seasons Adventure and Sourcebook

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Celebrate Friendship All Year Long in Ponyville!

With the turn of each season, there are new adventures and exciting festivals to take part in for the Ponies of Ponyville. A multitude of contests, parties, festivals, and fairs take place across the year, with each one bringing fun and new adventures.

Your characters will not just be attending these events, they will be running and organizing them too! But don't worry, in this book we detail everything you need to enjoy all the various festivals of the year. We also take a deeper look at Ponyville itself and present four adventures to test your player characters with each season.

Four seasonal adventures set throughout the year in Ponyville, plus additional seeds of further stories

The Griffon Origin

Rules for Downtime between adventures

Details on all known festivals in Equestria

Gazetteer of Ponyville's most exciting locations

Story of the Seasons is a sourcebook for the My Little Pony Roleplaying Game, and requires the Core Rulebook.



Adventures appropriate for characters of any level

Seasonal adventures incorporate the passage of time

Advice for players to create Equestrian holidays and adapt personally meaningful holidays to MLP

Includes rules for playing an additional creature type, Griffon

Downtime rules

Includes 4 easy-to-run seasonal stories

Includes 12 story seeds for Game Masters to easily construct more festive adventures

Details on all known holidays in Equestria

 Ages 14+

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