NCAA GameBreaker 2001

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Welcome to the last stop before the pros: NCAA Division 1-A. All 115 teams are represented here, as well as the stadiums they call home. You can settle in for a crisp autumn game or drive your team to the Rose Bowl. The game's Total Control Passing feature lets you lead or underthrow to your receivers so you can react to defensive strategy. In career mode, you can play as a head coach, coordinator, or assistant and work your way up the ladder to better jobs at bigger schools. And, perhaps best of all, you can take your best seniors with you to the pros by downloading them into your copy of NFL GameDay 2001.

Also included in NCAA GameBreaker 2001 are 64 teams that have made college ball history, and 21 of the season's greatest bowl games. Up to eight players can compete with the separately sold Multi Tap accessory. And with the recently retired Keith Jackson aboard for the play-by-play, you know it will be fun. Whoa, Nelly!

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