NFL 2K3 (GC)

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Head back to school and get on the gridiron as Sega recreates the excitement of college football for Nintendo GameCube. The game will pull you out of the stands and on to the fields with plays like the wishbone and other triple options, to the sidelines complete with mascots and cheerleaders, into the jumping student sections, marching bands and more. Go behind the scenes as you assemble your team from the country's top prospects, prepare in off-season training and endure an ultra-competitive Division 1 Schedule. The Writers' Poll, Coaches' Poll and the BCS Standings track your progress throughout the season and determine which team will compete in the 25 post-season Pro Bowls. Strive for perfection and the spoils of the gridiron are yours, including the Heisman Trophy, The National Title and the BCS Championship.

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