NHL 2001 (PS2)

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NHL 2001 puts you on the ice, literally. Import your face (or perhaps your favorite celebrity's) onto the body of a customizable hockey player and then go on to create your team's logo, jersey, and color scheme. But this isn't just some dress-up game. This game sports the official NHL license, which means you've got access to the NHL's 30 traditional and expansion teams. In addition, there are 20 international clubs to play with. All teams have updated rosters that are looking to check, pass, and score their way toward the Stanley Cup. NHL 2001 uses motion-capture technology to display the moves of professional players, as well as an improved artificial-intelligence system that continually recalculates the offensive and defensive strategies. In addition, each game features the play-by-play and commentary of veteran broadcasters Bill Clement and Jim Hughson. With five different play modes spanning quick play to career, NHL 2001 is ready to take you on for either a short hustle or a long haul.

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