NHL 2K8 (360)

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The top rated NHL franchise returns with a NHL experience featuring revolutionary right stick controls, all-new goaltending, a ground breaking face-off system, and stunning, next-gen visuals highlighting redesigned player models and animations. NHL 2K8 features true to life combo-based moves giving you the excitement from breakaways and shootouts. Superstar Moves are added with the help of NHL legend Igor Larionov rounding out the wide array of gameplay features. NHL 2K8 showcases completely revamped goalies under the guidance of star NHL goalie Marty Turco. The all-new goaltending includes significant enhancements to goalie logic and decision-making. Goalies will now realistically come out and challenge, guard the posts, and perform spectacular butterfly saves. Bolstered by hundreds of new animations, these improvements make goaltenders in NHL 2K8 the most realistic yet. Edit-a-Player mode that allows you to modify every facet of your hockey players' appearance including stick and leg tape patterns Franchise mode complete with realistic CBA features such as waivers, two-way contracts, restricted and unrestricted free agents, and salary cap management NHL 2K8 Soundtrack featuring Bloc Party, Korn, Quiet Riot, Priestess, Stellastarr, Early Man, Tokyo Police Club, Les Savy Fav and more

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