Orc Borg

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The DERELICT is a floating scrapyard in space, a fused-together junk rocket screaming towards disaster, and it is jampacked with great big furious ORCS. As the Derelict nears its eventual doom, these orcs receive guidance from their mad gods and host raucous parties, daring raids and experimental interstellar navigation to gain their favour and earn a place in heaven. ORC BORG is based on the popular dark fantasy MORK BORG ruleset, but it is a standalone game and contains everything you need to play. It comes complete with rules for making characters, fighting, replacing parts of your body with robot prosthetics, piloting big robots, hacking existing dungeon maps into the game and not one but two new kinds of magic (Technowizardry and Yelling).

The game is written by Grant Howitt (Spire, Heart, Paranoia, Honey Heist) and illustrated by ROLLINKUNZ (Fragnarok, The Dungenerator, Goblinfinite); it’s RISOprinted in three colours, making it almost obviously vibrant. It’s loud, rude, abrasive and at points hard to look at directly, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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