Pokemon Violet (SWI)

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The newest chapters in the Pokmon series, the Pokmon Scarlet and Pokmon Violet games, are coming to the Nintendo Switch system later this year. As the main character, you can explore the wide-open world of Pokmon Scarlet at your own pace. In these games, youll be able to enjoy the iconic adventures of the Pokmon series, like battling against wild Pokmon and trying to catch them! Choose either Sprigatito, the Grass Cat Pokmon, Fuecoco, the Fire Croc Pokmon, or Quaxly, the Duckling Pokmon to be your first partner Pokmon before setting off on your journey through this new region.

Explore freely in the rich open world of Pokmon Scarlet

Trainers can explore an open world where the various towns and cities have no borders and blend seamlessly into the wilderness. Pokmon can be discovered all over this expansive region

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