Raiders of the Serpent Sea Campaign Guide

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Raiders of the Serpent Sea is a blend of high fantasy and a darker world of grim seafaring raiders. Grimnir’s clans constantly fight to survive in this doomed world filled with ancient and fantastic creatures - giants, sea serpents, saber-toothed tigers, and the world-devouring Yoten. Nowhere is safe, danger and glory abound!

The Raiders of the Serpent Sea Campaign Guide hardcover includes almost 500 pages of epic adventure and supplemental material with full-color maps and illustrations that breathe life into the campaign world.

  • The World of Grimnir. Inspired by Norse mythology and the history of the Vikings, this is a grim and magical land that can be easily connected to existing campaign settings. Includes the world’s origins, major historical events, and describes the raiding clans and the wealthy kingdoms that continually threaten their lands. Learn also about the cursed gods known as the Stone Court, and the power of sacrifice.
  • Survive Ragnarök. The heroes’ choices will trigger major repercussions in later parts of the narrative. If the world survives Ragnarök, it will be changed by the players’ decisions throughout.
  • An Epic Saga. The primary narrative is divided into four main acts across 12 chapters with numerous opportunities for players to build longships, conquer settlements, and even assemble their own clan to stand against their foes at the end of the world.
  • Tracking the Events. Includes diagrams and aids to help the gamemaster stay on top of world events and to track the decisions that the heroes make. These decisions influence the final events at the climax of the campaign.
  • All Backgrounds are Epic. Includes details on how to integrate the six epic backgrounds introduced in the Raiders of the Serpent Sea Player’s Guide into campaign events. These backgrounds create additional motivation for the heroes to explore more of the world.
  • Beware the Hordes! Includes full page illustrations and detailed game statistics and lore for over 25 new creatures inspired by Norse mythology. And there are over 100 new statblocks for NPCs and monsters ranging from low level opponents to higher tier, epic adversaries.
  • Legendary Loot! Over 40 new magic items including Helhelm, the Skithship, and The Horn of the Gods. These items can be discovered by hardy adventurers exploring the world of Grimnir.
  • Raid the Serpent Sea! Expanded naval, sailing, and raiding rules are included to help the game master provide opportunities for players to imagine themselves as Vikings setting forth across dangerous waters.

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