Seas of Sand

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By day, the sands are liquid. People sink and ships sail. By night, the sands are solid. People can walk and ships are stuck. Different sands have different definitions of solid and liquid, but this basic principle holds: if you’re caught out on the sands at dawn without a ship, only prayer will save you. Welcome to the Seas.

Seas of Sand is a toolbox setting guide. It details the Seas, its people, its stuff, and its wonders. It’s also a whole bunch of procedures, advice, and content for you to use in your game. There’s lots of content here, but no plotline and—other than examples—no fixed locations or events. There’s no history to memorize, no lore to wade through, and no canon to adhere to. Seas can slot into an existing game just as well as form the basis of a new one, and work equally well for one-shot and campaign play.

Across the sands, you’ll see:
Procedures for two distinct modes of play: Adventure and Mercantile. Delve into flooded ruins and broken halls to retrieve wealth long buried, then set yourself up as merchants of the high sands to chase down the best deals and market opportunities.

Advice on mapping, navigation, and managing a ship’s crew across the seven sands.

Travel procedures including weather, sandstorms, random encounters, and privation.

Generators for villages, cities, merchants, and crew.

Full naval combat rules handling everything from siege warfare to boarding and repairing a captured vessel.

60 unique stated enemies, from the Buried Titan to the Ur-Crab.

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