Secret Weapons Over Normandy (PS2)

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  • You have been trusted with the most dangerous secrets of World War II. The Axis' most heinous plans were revealed to you for one purpose - to help you destroy them from above. Fly the most advanced aircraft of the time, for the most dangerous missions of the war!
  • More than twenty real WWII aircraft are featured here, all brought to stunning life, with real details, cockpits and flight physics - Japanese Zekes, German Messerschmidts, British Spitfires & more
  • Over 30 action-packed scenarios filled with air-to-air and air-to-ground fighting, complete with real engine sounds, damage effects & landscapes
  • In-depth storylines open up to you with the feel of a classic war movie, as you play
  • Customize your aircraft as you play - carry more bombs, add armor plating, install rocket launcher and more. But remember these things will all affect your handling, effectiveness & flight speed -- think carefully, or you may not make it back home!

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