Solar Sphere

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Humanity has exhausted Earth's energy reserves. To become an interstellar civilization, they must harness the power of an entire solar system by building a Solar Sphere.

In this dice placement/manipulation game, you will be competing against other Captains, by hiring a crew, (engine building) fighting off the resistance, (semi-cooperative combat) and building the Solar Sphere (area control). You will need to collect resources along the way if you are going to complete your tasks effectively.

Drones are essential to a winning strategy. Use drones to manipulate dice, visit occupied locations, compete in combat, build the sphere, and upgrade locations.

Your crew will gain morale in several ways. You can keep this for end game points or trade it in for instant bonuses.

Have you got what it takes to build the solar sphere?

1-4 players
Ages 14+
60-90 minute play time

3 Sphere Tiles
19 Hexes
4 Command Boards
16 Dice
16 Custom Markers
1 Turn Order Track
1 Custom Die
26 Tokens
36 Custom Resources
94 Cards
89 Cubes

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