Sonic Adventure (DRC)

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Sega's beloved blue mascot has been given the full 3D treatment in Sonic Adventure, the first game featuring Sonic the Hedgehog on the 128-bit Dreamcast console. Sonic has retained his classic moves from previous games in the series, so players will be able to dash at high speeds, perform spins to defeat enemies and jump into the air to reach suspended platforms. Sonic has also learned how to pick up, throw, and even shake items in his grasp! In addition, the spin attack has been refined: once Sonic is in mid-air, pressing a button will have the hedgehog automatically blast toward an enemy like a homing missile. The main game is the Adventure Mode, where you'll be able to explore two areas forming each level: the Adventure Field and Action Stage. The three Adventure Fields (Station Square, Mystic Ruins and Egg Carrier) serve as gateways to the ten stages in the game. Sonic will find himself on a busy street, on a beach resort next to a train station, inside a jungle, and various other settings filled with people to talk to and objects to manipulate. Once Sonic is ready to embark on an Action Stage, he can leave the Adventure Field at any time to travel to a new destination. The Action Stage requires the "Blue Blur" to complete a specific objective as fast as possible, such as finding his young friend Tails or retrieving one of the seven Chaos Emeralds in the game. These Chaos Emeralds must be found at all costs -- the evil Dr. Robotnik is planning on feeding them to a strange creature named Chaos. The problem? The water-based alien grows larger and more powerful with every emerald it consumes! Besides confronting Chaos and Dr. Robotnik, Sonic will also have to deal with various robotic creations designed to impede his progress; take them out with his patented whirl and free the helpless animals trapped inside!

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