Star Wars Dark Forces (PS1)

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Behind a veil of secrecy the evil Empire is creating a doomsday army--one that, if finished, will become the final cog in the Empire's arsenal of terror and domination. Your Mission?

Join the Rebel Alliance's covert operations division, infiltrate the Empire, then battle every man and machine the Imperial Forces can muster. Search a vast galaxy for clues, attack enemy bases--all in a desperate attempt to stop the activation of this fearsome new weapon.

  • First-person, ground combat
  • Call on 10 weapons to fight twenty different enemies
  • Explore the virtual Star Wars universe up close and personal
  • Fully interactive environments--morphing walls and floors, moving platforms and conveyors, realistic lighting and atmospheric effects It's you and your blaster against an entire Empire.

    May the Force be with you.

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