Stoneburner RPG

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Stoneburner is a sci-fantasy solo-friendly demon-hunting community-building role-playing game.

Inspired by the new school revolution movement, players take on the role of a group of dwarves who must assume control of a demon haunted mine, along with its accompanying settlement. Settlement which they inherited after the death of their distant relative. The game focuses on the dwarves' journey as they navigate the challenges of their new responsibilities, rebuild a new thriving community, and clear the mine of its fire spitting monsters.


  • Survival-based core system based on Breathless.
  • Player facing mechanics, perfect for GM less or solo play.
  • Fast, and highly thematic character creation. Ten character kits, including the Striker, Sinker, Sounder, Spellwinder, and - the Stanchion.
  • Accessible mechanics for combat, looting, crafting, and even community - management.
  • Numerous ways to generate badass space dwarves, dangerous mines, fire spitting creatures, characters, etc.


Play to find out how you will...

  • Explore the cursed mines of the Long Belt.
  • Get rid of the demons haunting its passages.
  • Find out why the demons lurk at certain sites.
  • Extract precious resources.
  • Maintain the leadership of House Grandrock.
  • Repair the relationships with the other dwarven houses.
  • Rebuild a thriving colony.

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