Street Racing Syndicate (XB)

Sale price$8.99


Street Racing Syndicate is one of the most realistic street racers ever to grace consoles. Modify over 40 authentic licensed cars including the signature Nissan Skyline with aftermarket parts from over 15 licensed manufacturers. Cherry your ride with a variety of real world decals and graphic upgrades.

  • Burn the competition to win cash, street cred or better yet, your opponent’s wheels. Earn the affections of 18 real life models from the world of import racing.
  • Blow a turn or bump a fellow racer and incur damage in real time. Pay for repairs with your hard earned cash.
  • Mix it up across Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Miami in both closed circuit and perilous open city races. Know your side streets and prepare to shake the cops at any moment.
  • Up the ante even more by competing in online pink slip races, a first for street racing titles.

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