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Our fates entwine, embarking on a journey to find the gears that can change the world. Embark on an epic action-adventure as you slash, dash, and combo your way through a sprawling land scarred by conflict. Explore and uncover hidden secrets. Customize your build to triumph in spectacular boss fights. Experience a tale of mystery, magic, and mayhem in TEVI, a bullet hell Metroidvania! The protagonist Tevi is nimble and agile, wielding both her trusty dagger and an oversized wrench for dishing out melee damage in style. Alongside her, companions Celia and Sable manifest as two floating orbitars, ready to unleash a variety of ranged offensive and support magic in battle. Adapt your combat style to suit any situation and bring down foes with flashy, dazzling combos!

  • A vast and vibrant interconnected world with 40+ areas.
  • A sweeping OST featuring 70+ original tracks.
  • A colorful cast of 50+ characters with Japanese voice acting.
  • Over 300 pieces of equipment and abilities to collect. More than 20 unique boss battles.
  • English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese in-game text.

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