The Animals of Baker Street

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Enjoy an original setting in which animals lead investigations! In this narrative game, play as four different animals, just as clever as they are witty, who encounter mysterious situations. Meet characters, gain objects, collect information, and piece them together to unravel the mystery! The Animals of Baker Street is a thrilling investigative game with a unique setting, enhanced by the talented pen of famous children’s author, Clémentine Beauvais.

In the game, you collectively choose the places to visit to meet and interact with the quirky animal characters of Baker Street. Decide if you want one of your detectives to use their particular abilities to collect valuable information and discover new clues. But as you visit more places time is ticking by, so choose your path wisely.

2-4 players
Ages 10+
45 minute play time

1 Double-sided board
1 Detective figure
7 Cover tokens
16 Clock tokens
273 Cards
1 Casebook
1 Rulebook

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