The Batman Who Laughs Rising

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From the Dark Night Metal comic series, the evil hybrid of Batman and Joker, The Batman Who Laughs, is determined to unleash the Dark Knights and Barbatos on Prime. Next in the cooperative Rising series, The Batman Who Laughs Rising, players must work together and roll dice to recruit key heroes and allies to fight back against a host of villains, concluding with a showdown against the Batman Who Laughs. Featuring a one-of-a-kind full color collectible sculpt, it’s the ultimate new Batman board game experience.

1-4 players
Ages 15+

1 Batman Who Laughs Figure
1 Deployment Zone Tile
4 Double Sided Dark Knights Track Tiles
1 Dark Knights Die
1 Batman Who Laughs Die
15 Hero Dice
32 Dark Knights Track Counters
60 Damage Counters
4 Team Deployment Tokens
30 Bonus Tokens
4 Team Ability Cards
38 Character (Hero and Villain) Cards
7 Dark Knights Cards

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