The Deck of Many Quests

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Battle fearsome beasts. Parlay with pirates. Solve mysteries. Push back the apocalypse. The Deck of Many Quests is a tool for Game Masters and Adventurers alike. Think Cards Against Humanity meets Dungeons & Dragons! The deck provides you nearly limitless inspiration for quickly and easily building your own adventures. Inside this box are over 200,000 unique quests. The Deck of Many Quests is designed to be system-agnostic. It doesn’t matter what fantasy tabletop roleplaying game you’re into—we’re here to inspire you! There are no additional systems or rules to learn, so you can start creating your own adventures in no time. It's as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Draw a Quest card and read its prompt
  2. Draw corresponding Item and/or Creature cards
  3. Use your imagination to tie the details of all cards together to create a unique quest for your game

Your Adventure, Your WayEvery card in The Deck of Many Quests has a star-rating. These ratings indicate how difficult a quest is, how much threat a creature can pose, and how rare or game-affecting an item can be. Feel free to separate your cards by star-rating to provide a leveled experience, or mix-and-match for interesting and unpredictable results! No matter what fantasy tabletop roleplaying game you run, The Deck of Many Quests will be a valuable tool in your storytelling arsenal. Create unique quests and adventures on the fly, and delight your players to no end.

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